Our Story

Welcome to CHI • CHI NYC  

Born in New York, we are the brand that is evolving for a fashion world that is constantly revolving aside for high quality modest basics. We have a full line of modest dresses,modest skirts and tops. We scour the market for the latest fast fashion trends and interpret them for a modest customer so our customers can embrace their style and express their individuality.

Our story starts years back when we observed many women that would search in regular mainstream large retailers for modest styles like dresses, skirts , tops and t shirts for themselves and their teens kids to find affordable clothing. After all why should a style cost up to double the price just because it was sold as a modest product at a local modest clothing store. We felt that if we can do the legwork and offer our customers modest fashion styles and basics sourced from around the world at affordable prices. We can offer a great and convenient  service to modest fashion community . Please let us know how were doing and if there is additional things we can add.